TeeVee Records Label LPs

TeeVee Records was a Canadian company based in Toronto, Ontario. Displayed here are their Elvis LPs (by label variation) I am aware of.

TA-1040 "Dear Heart" a two LP compilation set with two Elvis songs Heartbreak Hotel and Wooden Heart
Collectors Edition Box Set
DPL2-0056 "Elvis" two LP set
KSL2-7031 "Elvis Forever" two LP set
KSL1-7053 "Elvis In Hollywood" single LP
This box set was sold throughout the U.S. as was the "Elvis Forever" as an individual LP. The "Elvis" and "Elvis In Hollywood" LPs were also sold individually in the U.S. by Brookville Records, although the "Hollywood" LP had a different label, different catalogue #, and a different cover.

Also note that Ruby Records re-issued this boxset with new black labels LPs.

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