Elvis Rarities

This is the very first U.S. Elvis picture sleeve. Released with "I Want You I Need You I Love You", it is known as the "cartoon" sleeve.
This version of the U.S. picture sleeve has "Don't Be Cruel" on top of "Hound Dog"; the more common version is the reverse.
There are 4 versions of the U.S. Love Me Tender picture sleeve; of these the black & white version is the rarest.
This is the rare version of the U.S. "A Fool Such As I" picture sleeve which has the "Elvis Sails" promotion on the back of the sleeve.
U.S. picture sleeve for "Bossa Nova Baby/Witchcraft" that doesn't promote Fun In Acapulco
Rare "Ask For" version of the U.S. Do The Clam picture sleeve
The only Canadian sleeve to make the rare list. Was an RCA Canada experiment issued with a few hundred copies of "Love Letters/Come What May"
U.S. picture sleeve for "We Call On Him/You'll Never Walk Alone"
U.S. picture sleeve for "His Hand In Mine/How Great Thou Art"
U.S. picture sleeve for "He Touched Me/Bosom of Abraham"
U.S. picture sleeve from Fawcett Books promoting the book "Heartbreak Hotel" by Anne Rivers Siddons