RCA Extended Plays (EPs)

Blue Label
(see legend below chart for explanation of colours)
This is the original Canadian blue label (with silver print), and except for the colour it is identical to the original silver and grey label. RCA originally used this blue label to designate a country music 45, but gave that approach up part way through 1956, and that explains why the five earliest Elvis EPs were issued on this label.

There are two label variations for EPA-747. One has the song "Just Because" credited to "PD" (public domain) and the other credits "Bob Shelton, Joe Shelton, Sid Robins". Note that "Robins" is a misspelling and it should be "Robin". A big thanks to American collector Ted Tighe for discovering the "PD" variation. The blue label version of the album LPM-1254 "Elvis Presley" also has these two different labels, although there "Robin" is spelled correctly. I'm guessing that the "PD" version would officially be the first pressing. It's known that the U.S. version of this EP also comes with these two label versions.

EPA 747 Elvis Presley
EPB 1254 Elvis Presley
EPA 821 Heartbreak Hotel
EPA 830 Elvis Presley
EPA 940 The Real Elvis

Canadian record same as U.S. release (except label)

Thanks to Roberto Zanetti of Italy for discovering, and providing a scan of, EPB-1254 on a blue label.

there are no known promo copies of the blue label EPs

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