RCA Extended Plays (EPs)

Silver and Grey Label
(see legend below chart for explanation of colours)
This is the original Canadian silver and grey label (actually the label background is a charcoal colour).  The first pressings of the EPs listed in the following chart were on this label (although some were also issued on an identical but blue label - see separate web page).

EPA 747 Elvis Presley
EPA 821 Heartbreak Hotel
EPA 830 Elvis Presley
EPA 940 The Real Elvis
EPA 965 Any Way You Want Me
EPA 992 Elvis Vol 1
EPA 993 Elvis Vol 2
EPA 994 Strictly Elvis
EPA 1-1515 Loving You Vol 1
EPA 2-1515 Loving You Vol 2
EPA 4006 Love Me Tender
EPA 4041 Just For You
EPA 4054 Peace In The Valley
EPA 4108 Elvis Sings Christmas Songs
EPA 4114 Jailhouse Rock
EPA 4319 King Creole
EPA 4321 King Creole Vol 2
EPA 4325 Elvis Sails
EPA 4340 Christmas With Elvis
EPB 1254 Elvis Presley

Canadian record same as U.S. release (except label)

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