RCA 45s (singles)

Elvis 50 Label
(see legend below chart for explanation of colours)

My understanding has always been that all the "Elvis 50" label records (including the picture sleeves) that were sold in Canada were imported US records/sleeves. However, Canadian collector Barry McLean has forwarded the following scan:-
This is a black vinyl Blue Suede Shoes/Promised Land that carries the catalogue #JB-13929. The JB prefix is usually reserved for promos, but the label does not say NOT FOR SALE. Whether this is a promo or not has not been definitively determined, but it's reasonable to believe it is a promo.
Whether promo or not, this is now the latest discovered last Canadian issue Elvis 45. If a promo, it may not have been commercially issued and so it may not be the last commercial release. Pending further information, I will continue to designate PB-13929 (on the new black label) Blue Suede Shoes/Promised Land as the last commercial issue.

There is no known Canadian picture sleeve for this record

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