RCA 45s (singles)

Tan Label
(see legend below chart for explanation of colours)
This is the original Canadian tan label used from 1975 to 1977.  The label is very similar to the U.S. tan label.  The records in the following chart were first pressed on this label.
47-9741 In The Ghetto * Any Day Now
PB-10278 T-R-O-U-B-L-E ** Mr. Songman
PB-10401 Bringing It Back Pieces Of My Life
PB-10601 Hurt For The Heart
PB-10998 Way Down*** Pledging My Love
PB-10857 Moody Blue *** She Thinks I Still Care
RCA-11165 America **** My Way

Canadian record same as U.S. release (except the last three which were not issued on the tan label in the U.S.)
*    In The Ghetto/Any Day Now was also issued (original first pressing) on the orange label; this tan label copy is an oddity of undetermined origin as it is 24 records before the tan label came into use!!

**    T-R-O-U-B-L-E/Mr. Songman was also issued on the orange label (both the tan and the orange are first pressings)

*** "Moody Blue" was also issued on the "new" black Dog-Near-Top label (thanks to Robert Lee for bringing this record to my attention) as was "Way Down"

****  This record is red vinyl and the label says "special limited edition".  Was also issued on the new black Dog-Near-Top label in both red and black vinyl (black vinyl version shows the title as "America The Beautiful").  Click here to see all the variations of this record and picture sleeve.

Click here to see Canadian promo copies for the tan label 45s

there is a Canadian picture sleeve for the tan label RCA-11165 "America/My Way"

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