Candlelite Music Label LPs

Candlelite Music issued several Elvis LPs and I'd thought only one was actually pressed/printed in Canada (the others all imported U.S. pressings). Canadian collector Barry McLean has found a second one (Songs of Inspiration) and Canadian collector Jefferson Benoit of Flin Flon Manitoba informs us of a third (5-LP boxset The Elvis Presley Story).

Candlelite DVL1-0461 "The Legendary Magic Of Elvis Presley"
Also Candlelite DML1-0461 "Elvis - His Songs Of Inspiration".
And Candlelite DML5-02634 "The Elvis Presley Story" (box is U.S. records are Canadian)
The orange label is distinctively Canadian as these records was issued on a black label in the U.S.

Sorry, images of the LP jackets are not yet available

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